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Results based on: Expatriate management

Over the last 12 months, the world's political and economic status quo has been turned on its head; ECA's Managing Director, Andrew Shaw, discusses the impact global events could have on global mobility in the future.

Is your organisation structured in the best way to deliver your Global Mobility programme?

This free white paper provides a snapshot comparison of the relative wealth of managers in 57 countries, showing at a glance whether an individual's spending power would be maintained if they moved to work in a different country and were paid a local salary.

Tips on how best to go about a benchmarking exercise for your expatriate employees and the main things to consider.

With the upcoming publication of ECA's Managing Mobility Survey 2016, Mark Harrison, Remuneration Services Manager, discusses the changing landscape that expatriates and companies have operated in over the past 20 years and what the future holds for global mobility.

Barry Rodin, ECA’s Chief Economist, shares some best practice recommendations companies can use to improve their talent management processes in his last article for Newsline.

As ECA launches this year's MyExpatriate Market Pay Survey, Mark Harrison, Remuneration Services Manager, talks through the benefits of benchmarking expatriate pay and some of the challenges.

Cost of expatriate pay and benefits package higher in Brazil and China than the US

根據全球領先的外派管理知識、資訊和科技供應商ECA International最新公布的數據顯示,台灣是亞太區外派員工薪資待遇排名後段的地區之一。外派至台灣的中階管理人員平均外派年薪酬待遇約為新台幣七百萬元(美金二十三萬四千元) 。

但仍較內地一線城市為低 且差距有擴大趨勢