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Results based on: Currency movements

The Pakistani rupee and Turkish lira fall again, but other emerging-market currencies have bounced back.

Pakistan forced to devalue rupee for third time in six months.

As the bolivar's value continues to plummet, the Venezuelan government delays redenomination.

For several reasons, changing compensation packages as a direct response to currency movements is nearly always a bad idea.

Iran's currency problems could soon become a lot worse.

Iranian rial is both devalued and overvalued at the same time.

ECA's 'boots on the ground' unearth FX reality in Sudan.

Recent currency devaluations in Venezuela and Sudan are having big effects on cost of living.

Sudanese pound devalued from SDG 7 to SDG 18.7 against the dollar.

The Kwanza is devalued, but convergence with black market is still far off.